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Parkville MO, Foundation & Leak Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

The quaint houses and inviting stores of Parkville, Missouri make the town seem like home to anyone. Parkville’s classic look and intimate feeling lead many people to buy houses in the area. These homes are beautiful and full of character. Unfortunately, many people also discover the downside of owning these unique houses. Many times there are problems with the foundation. Our PierMagic® repair team can help solve many problems that old houses possess. Whether one owns a new or old home in Parkville, we specialize in foundation repairs to fit any needs like leak repairs, foundation cracks, and more.

Foundation Leak Repairs For Parkville Homes

Parkville MO Foundation & Leak Repair

Many homeowners experience a leaking basement at some point in their life. Getting this problem fixed fast is crucial. Leaking basements can destroy personal property and the foundation of the house. Leak repairs can ensure that a small problem does not turn into an expensive affair. If the damage has already been done, then our house foundation repairs can help restore the foundation without hassle. Our Lifetime Warranty assures that our foundation repairs will last, and that we will be around to help if something goes wrong.

The DynaPier® System For Cutting Edge Protection

Our repair process uses an interlocking structural pier system that is guaranteed to last. Our DynaPier® system directly supports the foundation of the house. Competitors use inadequate and outdated technology that is not sustainable. Our pier system ensures that your foundation will be strong and sturdy for years. If you own a house, or are considering purchasing one, make sure the PierMagic® foundation system is in place. If you are buying a Parkville home that falls under our warranty, then the same dependable coverage will be transferred to you.

Crack Injection for Parkville Area Foundation Cracks

The foundation will often crack in old homes or in new homes with inferior foundations. Foundation cracks are easy for our team to fix. We pride ourselves on professional and quick service. Our crack injection process will not disturb your life, and we will work with your busy schedule. Foundation cracks are already a burden. We exist to ease that burden instead of making it worse. Our friendly staff will answer your questions, finish the crack injection process quickly, and get out. Our painless process makes house foundation repairs affordable and simple.

There are many benefits to owning a house in Parkville, MO. The location, quality, and look of the homes are unparalleled. Let the foundation of your home match the beauty of the outside by using our expert services.

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