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St. Louis Foundation Repair Services

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® Foundation Repair of St. Louis is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

Building foundations are one of the most crucial aspects of a structure to maintain. The foundation provides a solid structure on which the rest of the building can sit soundly and securely. A bad foundation is like a bad infection on the structure. Symptoms can include structural shifting and separation, leaks, insect and rodent infestation, and many others. This said, foundation problems are serious structural issues which need swift attention, and the care of competent and trustworthy hands. PierMagic® is your premier St. Louis foundation repair experts for the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Foundation Crack Injection For St. Louis Area Homes

As diverse as foundation problems can be, we will always find and implement the appropriate solution. An often encountered problem is foundation cracks. These cracks can lead to the worst structural issues. We can seal these foundation cracks with our crack injection process. Our superior crack injection process seals out moisture, insects, rodents, and other weathering effects.

The Revolutionary DynaPier® System is the Best

Bowed walls are another problem that we are well equipped to deal with. Often the wall has shifted because of foundation shifting. In these cases, the foundation repairs will include piering up and re-supporting the failing foundation. Common industry practice enlists a basic pier system which is a series of piers which create crucial support points in the foundation. Our patented DynaPier® pier system uses an advanced, exceedingly strong pier which achieves the greatest depth and hence strength, in the industry. No one else in St. Louis or elsewhere can make these claims of their structure and house foundation repairs. For an in-depth comparison of the DynaPier® and other common foundation piers, read our blog.

Fixing St. Louis Basement Leak Repairs

PIerMagic® basement repair company also performs a wide range of expert leak repairs for your structure. These may involve your sump pump, basement floors and/or walls, foundation, adjoining exterior walls, driveways, walkways, and other hardscape. No such leak repairs are too much for us. We will inspect, trace, and inform you of any of these possible problems, their causes, and possible solutions.

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