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St. Peters MO, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:
Most St. Peters homeowners think of home repairs as small internal adjustments like repainting a room or changing a shorted-out light fixture, but if you are a homeowner constantly re-plastering cracks in your home or foundation, you may have a more serious problem. Foundation problems can cause symptoms both inside and out. As a homeowner, you cannot personally fix your home's foundation, but if you live in St. Peters, you can call the PierMagic® foundation repair experts.

Revolutionary Foundation Pier System for St. Peters Homes

Many existing foundation repair companies use standard systems to repair their foundations. PierMagic employs the patent-pending DynaPier® system. This pier system solves the inherent problems of using other foundation repair systems in St. Peters, and only PierMagic® has it. While other piers are driven into the sides of the slab, the DynaPier® piers are installed under the footing and foundation. This transfers the load of the slab above to the ground more effectively than side-installed piers. Other pier systems may have parts that can come loose, reducing the strength of the pier, but DynaPier® does not have loose parts, and all of the piers in the system are interconnected. This increases the integrity of the foundation support system.

Foundation Crack Repair Services in St. Peters

One of the biggest problems in homes is foundation cracks and leaks. Small cracks allow water to enter into the foundation's slab or your basement. This water can do serious damage to the structure. The cracks and leaks need to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent more serious harm. For leak repairs caused by foundation issues in your St. Peters home, PierMagic can help. We will fix the root of the problem by repairing the foundation first. Leak repairs are then repaired with crack injection, which fills in cracks in the foundation to prevent water from getting inside. Crack injection is highly effective for filling the foundation cracks, stopping the leak, and strengthening the foundation.

The Best in Foundation Repair in St. Peters

If you suspect that you may need foundation repairs for your St. Peters, MO home, call PierMagic®. They can install the superior DynaPier® system in your home to correct cracks in the foundation. Your home is only as secure as the foundation it is built on. Call PierMagic® to ensure that your foundation is as strong as possible.

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