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Town & Country MO, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:
If you live in Town & Country and see cracks in the brick, sheetrock or your basement walls, your home may have foundation problems. The PierMagic® foundation specialist  in Town & Country, Missouri is the leading company in house foundation repairs and crack injections. The DynaPier® system was designed to eliminate weaknesses of other pier systems on the market. It combines the strength of concrete and steel to far exceed anything offered in the industry. It combines galvanized steel along with concrete placed directly underneath the footing, rather than outside it, to redistribute the structural load directly on top of the pier. There are no loose components that can slip. The DynaPier® parts are hydraulically driven into the ground one piece at a time to form an interlocking unit that makes your foundation better than it was when it was first built! Our pier systems come with a lifetime transferable warranty against foundation cracks. All house foundation repairs will be done at no cost to you should your Town & Country home ever experience settling.

Foundation Cracks & Leak Repair Services for Town & Country Area

At PierMagic® in Town & Country, MO, we can do leak repairs along with repairing foundation cracks. Our Mantra Ray earth anchoring system repairs bowing walls. Manta Rays are hydraulically driven into the ground. This does not disturb the soil at all. Once the Manta rays are driven to the right depth, a rod is attached and the anchor is pulled to lock the anchor into the ground. No other anchoring system in the industry offers this technology. Our foundation repair specialists are also experienced in replacing or building new retaining walls, patios or working with driveways and sidewalks.

Crack Injection Company in Town & Country

After the main problem, the foundation is fixed, leaks are then repaired with crack injection, which fills in cracks in the foundation to prevent water from getting inside. Crack injection is highly effective for filling the foundation cracks, stopping the leak, and strengthening the foundation

The Best Foundation Repair Services in Town & Country

Our staff in Town & Country is made up of only carefully selected personnel with years of experience in house foundation repair. No heavy equipment or machinery is ever brought onto your property. We only excavate by hand to leave your landscaping intact and your property as it was before we began our process. We want your repair experience to be as pleasant as possible. We stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty giving you the peace of mind that your investment, just like your foundation, rests on solid ground.

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