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Warrensburg MO, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

The foundation of the home should last for generations, but soil shifting can occur causing foundation cracks. These cracks should be taken seriously before serious structural damage to your Warrensburg, MO home occurs. PierMagic® has a proven system to get rid of the cracks at their root by performing house foundation repairs.

Signs of Foundation Problems

The foundation is designed to support the weight of the house, evenly distributing it to the ground. This prevents the walls from taking an uneven load and cracking or breaking. Occasionally, long dry periods or torrential rains may cause the soil under the foundation to contract or wash away. If this happens, the foundation can shift. You see this as cracks on the walls in your home, doors that are no longer in proper alignment, or cracks in the foundation. If any of these are spotted in your Warrensburg home, call PierMagic® to make an assessment and show you how they can provide the foundation repairs you need.

Patented DynaPier™ Foundation System For Warrensburg Homes

PierMagic® uses a unique pier system to repair home foundations. This DynaPier® system lasts longer and performs better than the competition. It is placed directly underneath the foundation slab where it can do the most good to transfer the load of the home to the ground. Other companies only put their piers along the outside of the slab. DynaPier® uses no loose components and all parts are interconnected for the strongest foundation support possible. For house foundation repairs, the DynaPier® pier system is second-to-none. That’s why it is the only type used by PierMagic® when they service Warrensburg homes.

Leak Repairs Done The Right Way

When cracks are found in the home, these must be fixed to prevent water from leaking into the opening and wearing away the structure from the inside. These leak repairs are done with crack injection system that fills in the gaps. This is done after the foundation repairs have been made to prevent the crack from reopening. Home leak repairs and crack injections are just two more of the services Warrensburg, Missouri residents can expect when they call PierMagic®.

Fix Foundation Problems Quickly to Avoid More Damage To Your Warrenburg Home

Your Warrensburg home is your investment. A stable foundation will keep your home secure for years to come. If you notice cracks that may indicate your foundation is not stable, call PierMagic right away to get the foundation repairs your home requires.

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