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Webster Groves MO, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:
Homeowners in Webster Groves, Missouri who need foundation repairs will want to make sure professionals take care of the problem as soon as possible. At PierMagic®, our qualified experts specialize in using the pier system for repairing foundation cracks. It’s understandable for homeowners to worry about their investment in their home when they face the prospect of house foundation repairs. We are dedicated to providing service to all residents in Webster Groves, taking care of your leak repairs and crack injection needs.

Signs of Foundation Problems in Webster Groves

If your home has sticking doors or windows, or cracks in the basement walls, brick or sheetrock, or if the walls of your basement are leaking or bowing, it’s time to call us to make the necessary home foundation repairs. Problems with your foundation should be taken care of as soon as possible, before the damage gets worse. Foundation cracks are a serious problem that requires professional attention.

Webster Groves Leak Repairs

When you call us to take care of your leak repairs in Webster Groves, our PierMagic® foundation repair experts will provide detailed information about the problem and how we can fix it for you. Our passion for home repair led us to develop the patent pending DynaPier® system, which is engineered to be the strongest available foundation pier. It uses high strength concrete and galvanized steel, which our expert technicians install beneath the footing to provide maximum support for your home.

Exclusive DynaPier® Pier System for Webster Groves Homes

DynaPier® segments consist of concrete that we pre-cast inside of a corrosion-resistant steel sleeve. We hydraulically drive each segment into the ground, one at a time, connecting them to the home’s foundation pier. We continue the process until the foundation reaches bedrock or dense material. Our experts then top the pier with a cap made of galvanized steel, and lift the house, securing it to the foundation pier.

Excellent Customer Service and Careful Excavation

Be assured that during foundation repairs, our professional and courteous crew will take care to do all excavating by hand to protect your Webster Groves home’s landscaping. This avoids the need to bring any heavy equipment onto your property when we install the pier system. After we make all necessary repairs, we carefully replace all excavated earth to restore it to how it looked before we arrived. Our devotion to excellent customer service is one of the reasons why we get so much referral business in Webster Groves, MO. Customers who need our crack injection services and other house foundation repairs are pleased with our timely and efficient response.

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