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Wentzville MO, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

The Best Wentzville Foundation Crack Repair Company

Foundation cracks in the bricks or concrete blocks of your basement or crawlspace are disconcerting to any homeowner in Wentzville, Missouri. With PierMagic's foundation repair expertise, our foundation professionals inspect your entire foundation and identify which foundation cracks could indicate an impending or already existing structural problem. To repair the cracks in your home's foundation, we use a crack injection method. Depending on the width and the length of the cracks and whether the cracks are on the exterior or interior side of your home, we use watertight materials to complete the crack injection process. We make sure that the sealant matches your existing mortar for the most attractive finished result.

Basement Leaks in Wentzville MO.

Basement leaks in your Wentzville home are a sign of drainage problems and can lead to serious structural problems. We offer leak repairs for basement leaks that not only prevent damage but also prevent new leaks from developing. Our leak repairs include a water management system for the exterior of your home. At PierMagic®, we focus on the exterior of your home's foundation to prevent leaks from ever occurring in the first place. Even if you have already had a basement leak, exterior leak repairs by our trained professionals will keep your basement dry for decades.

Wentzville Foundation Repair & Replacement

At PierMagic®, we offer many foundation repairs depending on the structural issues unique to your Wentzville home. One of the most common foundation repairs needed in the Wentzville, MO area is for bowed basement walls. To anchor the walls into place, our expert foundation repair specialists use the Manta Ray anchoring system. The Manta Ray anchors are hydraulically and pneumatically driven into the ground without making a mess of the landscaping around your home's foundation. The anchors are then locked and loaded to hold your foundation into place.

Pier Systems for Homes in the Wentzville Area

When it comes to house foundation repairs, our patent pending pier system is second to none. The DynaPier® system developed by PierMagic® Foundation Repairs is sure to be the industry gold standard for house foundation repairs. This unique system, focuses on the installation of piers beneath the footing of your home's foundation and straight into the bedrock underneath. The DynaPier® pier system interlocks and takes the load off your foundation and puts it onto the pier system.

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