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PierMagic Foundation Specialists has the tools, equipment, and technology needed to repair misaligned and sunken concrete at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Mudjacking involves pumping a concrete slurry under sunken concrete slabs to raise and change the pitch of the slabs to the desired level. No slab is too small or too big, and results can be obtained in a fraction of the time that it takes to replace the concrete. If you need mudjacking for your Kansas City home or business, contact PierMagic Foundation Specialists today!

What are the Benefits of Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is a fast and effective way to repair any concrete slab. Mudjacking can save you time, money, stress, and a mess! At PierMagic Foundation Specialists, we use the best pumps in the industry that can raise any slab, from a simple sidewalk to highways and runways. There is no limit! One of the benefits of hiring us is that our professionals have the know-how, and all of the pumps, mixers, drills, saws, and the trucks for transporting materials. We can get your job done quickly, correctly, and safely.

PierMagic Foundation Specialists offers affordable concrete raising services. Affordable prices and transparent dealings are two aspects of working with us that our clients enjoy. We have a reputation for doing what we say and saying what we do. You can count on us to tell it like it is, and to be honest!

How Does Mudjacking Work?

If you need mudjacking in Kansas City, you may not know much about the process. If so, don't worry. It's simpler than what it might seem at first. To start, we'll drill some small holes in the sunken slab. Grout is then pumped underneath the slab, which raises it to the desired height and level. Afterward, the holes that we drill will be patched with cement. It's that simple! Still, you wouldn't want to try it on your own because the process requires skill and the right tools.

Why Should you Hire PierMagic Foundation Specialists for Your Mudjacking job in Kansas City?

For a small investment, you can gain the assurance that your project will be done safely and correctly on the first go-round. Doing it yourself or hiring a local handyman to do the job can lead to mistakes that can make the condition of your slab worse. Plus, PierMagic Foundation Specialists give you the peace of mind that you will be clear of any legal liability should accidents or damages occur. We are fully licensed, have Worker's Comp, and liability insurance for your protection.

Call PierMagic Foundation Specialists for Your Mudjacking Needs Today!

Raising your concrete will make your property safer, save you money over time, and can help you to avoid potential legal liabilities. Not to mention the undeniable fact that your concrete will look better. Concrete replacement is a costly, major project. The good news is full-blown concrete replacement can usually be avoided with mudjacking. Contact PierMagic Foundation Specialists if you need mudjacking for your Kansas City home or business.

Better than Mudjacking- Polyjacking

At PierMagic Foundation Specialists, we are proud to offer our customers a superior process of unleveled foundation repair called Polyjacking. We prefer Polyjacking to conventional Mudjacking for the following reasons:

  • A single vehicle can transport all equipment and materials to the job-site
  • There's no shrinkage whatsoever
  • Contractors and homeowners alike appreciate the faster set time
  • We can use the Polyjacking system in any temperature
  • We find it's an exceptional value to our customers

You can learn more about Polyjacking to repair unlevel concrete surfaces when you continue to browse our website at Reach out to one of our concrete specialists if you're having problems with multi-level basement floors, garage floors, concrete steps, foundation slabs, porches, patios, driveways, or walkways- knowing we have a permanent solution available at an affordable price. See why our Polyjacking process is the right call when you want a lifetime repair.

Trust PierMagic Foundation Specialists For Basement Waterproofing, As Well

If you own a home with a basement but are unable to use your home's extra square footage due to moisture or standing water, you'll be happy to hear that we can resolve the problem and offer you a service that permanently prevents a wet basement. Don't listen to any concrete contractor who tells you there's nothing they can do about basement flooding, mold, or moisture- PierMagic Foundation Specialists can help. We don't offer band-aid repairs that work for a time but fail in months or years to come- other companies may be content with these types of repairs; however, we will only settle for a repair that lasts a lifetime.

mudjacking Kansas City
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