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Top-Rated Foundation Repair, Basement Waterproofing, Mudjacking & Piering in Olathe, KS

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company serving Olathe, KS that specializes in:
Olathe homeowners can depend on PierMagic® for complete foundation repairs and water retention systems. A home's value decreases significantly when the foundation becomes weak, shows cracks or begins to settle. The resulting damage to the floor and interior walls can be extreme. If you experience any outward signs of foundation settling, call on the experts at PierMagic® to have your house foundation repairs taken care of once and for all.

Superior Foundation Repairs at an Affordable Cost

Foundation cracks are often the result of uneven solidity of the underlying soil. Part of the foundation begins to settle, resulting in an unstable support system for the structure. Crack injection is a highly specialized service that demands a complete understanding of the forces at work. PierMagic® uses the latest crack injection methods to permanently fix any cracks developing in the foundation of your Olathe home and restore the concrete to its original strength.

Exclusive DynaPier™ Pier System Benefiting Olathe HomesOlathe Home Foundation Replacement Services

We also employ the advanced DynaPier® support system on your Olathe home. The subsidence of the soil means a gradual settling of the house and foundation, and inferior support piers often work for a limited time period. Our pier system is placed directly below the foundation and uses an interlocking support framework that centrally links the piers together. This pier system results in a direct counterforce that stops settling of the foundation permanently.

Foundation Leak Repairs By The Industry Leaders

Cracked foundations allow water to percolate underneath your Olathe, KS home. Loose soil around the concrete footing means that water seeps into the basement or collects underneath the support beams. Our company has devised a permanent solution to this problem. In addition to complete leak repairs, we can install an advanced water redirection system that collects and distributes the water away from the foundation. Our leak repairs fix the symptom and our water redirection system fixes the problem. The surrounding ground soil is unaffected because we use hand tools to perform this type of work. Your landscaping shrubbery and plants are kept safe, and all house foundation repairs including water redistribution system installation are completed without the need for heavy machinery.

Supporting Your Olathe Area Home Exterior Walls

Foundation cracks can cause increased pressure on the outer walls of your Olathe home. We have customized solutions for strengthening the exterior walls of the structure that include reinforcement of the wood or brick. Settling walls can result in damage to windows, doors and even electrical conduits. If you notice bowing walls or cracks developing in the brick or wood paneling of the home, call PierMagic for an inspection.

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