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Top-Rated Foundation Repair & Basement Crack Repair Service in Overland Park, KS

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® Foundation Specialists is an Overland Park foundation repair company that locally specializes in:
PierMagic is the trusted name for house foundation repairs in Overland Park, KS. We offer complete, professional service for problems with foundation cracks, water seepage, and unsettled soil. Our team of foundation integrity experts can install an advanced pier system or perform complex foundation repairs that are guaranteed to increase the support of your home and eliminate any further settling. We also specialize in leak repairs and can build a custom water retention system without adversely affecting the compacted soil around and underneath the existing concrete.

Foundation Service Providers in Overland ParkA Broken Foundation Means a Broken Overland Park Home

Sometimes the soil around or below the foundation footing becomes loosened by the presence of water or by the weight of the home. In Overland Park and surrounding neighborhoods, different soil types are common, and the absence of rainwater draining into the soil beneath the home can greatly affect the ground's ability to support the tremendous weight and pressure caused by the structure. If the concrete begins to settle, the interior walls of the home are subject to bowing and cracking. If water percolates into cracks in the foundation and then freezes, the concrete is compromised even further.

Serving Johnson County With The DynaPier® Foundation Pier System

Our company installs the most technologically advanced pier system on the market. The DynaPier® system is a unique stacking unit that is placed directly beneath the concrete foundation or footing, absorbing the downward force of the home's weight. This completely stops all settling of the foundation and re-levels the home. Our revolutionary system fixes house foundation cracks and makes your Overland Park, Kansas home better than new. We’re so confident in our foundation repair system, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Fixing The Foundation Cracks in Overland Park, Kansas

We specialize in foundation crack injection technology and will strengthen the foundation by applying concrete or cement directly to the weak points. If the ground underneath the foundation footings is solid but the concrete itself has been compromised by freezing and thawing, our expert team will completely restore the concrete to its original strength. We also inspect your home for water seepage and can eliminate the problem of percolation through the installation of an exterior water retention system. Our leak repairs and crack injection methods are backed a lifetime warranty that is 100 percent transferable should you sell your Overland Park home.

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