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Top-Rated Polyjacking Services in Kansas City

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PierMagic® Foundation Solutions is the leader in polyjacking, concrete leveling, and void filling. We also specialize in Kansas City Polyjacking, also known as concrete leveling, slab jacking, and void filling. This is a fast solution to sinking concrete slabs. From driveways and sidewalks to patios, garage floors, and basement floors, professional polyurethane foam injection is much more convenient and affordable than tearing out and re-pouring the concrete. We currently offer our polyjacking and mudjacking services in Kansas City, Overland Park, Grandview, Olathe, Blue Springs, Lenexa, KS, and the entire KC metro.

Kansas City Concrete Leveling Services Are An Effective Solution For:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Concrete Steps
  • Garages
  • Basement Floors
  • Foundation Slabs

PierMagic® Takes Poly Jacking to a Whole New Level

Most polyjacking or slab jacking is done by injecting a cement grout mixture under the slanted or cracked slab to support and raise it. The cement mixture will fill, dry, and harden providing a solid support system from underneath. While cement works well, PierMagic® uses a product that’s even better. Instead of just injecting a cement mixture, we use structural foam resins. These resins are injected using a two-component pump. For simple slab stabilization, we use our Prime Flex 985 series of products. Prime Flex 985 can be injected at ambient temperature using our Flow Master 1:1 mix ratio positive displacement pump. This mixture will fill the voids and cavities by expanding up to 20 times its size (depending on formulation). Within 15 minutes, the foam is fully expanded and traffic ready (85% strength). The rigid foam re-establishes contact between the slab and the sub-grade and is strong enough for heavy traffic loads.

Why Polyjacking is Better than Traditional Mudjacking

PolyJacking vs MudJacking FactsPolyjacking not only fixes the problem, but it eliminates the cause. Concrete slabs settle due to decomposing soils, erosion and groundwater migration. By injecting polyurethane resins into these loose soils and voids, we strengthen the earth and provide watertight encapsulation. Once the soil is consolidated and stabilized, the slabs will remain serviceable for decades. In fact, our Kansas City polyjacking services come with a warranty. So don’t settle for ordinary mud jacking. Demand poly jacking and fix the problem, not just the symptoms. Learn more: click here to download our Poly Jacking brochure. (PDF - 315KB)

Commercial Polyjacking

For larger slab jacking projects, that require slab stabilization and lifting, like highways, large buildings, etc., the first step is consolidating the sub-grade or ground underneath. There are two ways to do this - Compaction Grouting or Permeation Grouting. Compaction Grouting – a rapidly expanding polyurethane foam is injected into the ground which fills in the area and compacts the surrounding soil using expansive pressure. Permeation Grouting – a much slower reacting foam is injected into the soil allowing it to permeate the soil before expanding. Once cured, the Prime Flex “glues” the soil particles together making them solid and stable. Once the sub-grade has been stabilized and consolidated, a rapidly expanding foam is then injected directly beneath the slab in short bursts. We can precisely control how much the slab is lifted by speeding up the reaction time of the foam with heat and controlling the amount of material that goes beneath the slab. This precision lift procedure requires specialized equipment and a well-trained technician.

Kansas City PolyJacking - Our Concrete Leveling Solution

If you need local slab jacking, concrete leveling or mudjacking services, residential or commercial, call PierMagic® and ask about our polyjacking service. It’s much cheaper than tearing out and replacing, is better than traditional mud jacking, and it comes with a warranty. With PierMagic®, you know the job will be done right, so call us today.

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