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Professional Slab Repair & Slab Piering Services

DynaPier Foundation Pier Installed Under Concrete SlabPierMagic Foundation Specialists is the company to call when you need slab piering. When your slab shows signs of cracking, slanting, or dropping, don’t procrastinate. With slab problems, the longer you wait, the more damage occurs. Call PierMagic right away for a free inspection for all current homeowners. These problems can be remedied by supporting the slab with piers that are driven deep below the ground. This will prevent further structural damage to your home.

Signs Your Home Needs Slab Repair

When the slab below your home shifts, it causes some physical problems with your home’s structure. Here are some signs to look for both inside and outside your home:
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Nail pops and wrinkling wallpaper
  • Cracks in walls, especially around fireplaces, windows and doors
  • Separations between walls and ceilings or crown molding and ceilings
  • Caulking around doors and windows that has pulled away from the wall
  • Sunken floors
  • Patios that have pulled away from the home

Our DynaPier Slab Piering System Is a Final Fix

When PierMagic repairs your sinking concrete slab, it’s fixed for life. How can we be so confident? It’s our patented DynaPier system. The DynaPier system starts with interlocking galvanized steel tubes filled with high-strength concrete. This combination of steel and concrete makes the segments extremely strong (independent testing labs have confirmed its strength) and able to resist compression pressure. These segments are hydraulically driven into the ground one after the other to form a pier that has incredible sheer strength. Because it is driven down to bedrock, once installed, it will not sink. DynaPier won’t bend, and the bedrock won’t move, it actually exceeds your home’s original structural integrity. Placement of the pier is just as critical as the materials used. Instead of being attached to the outside of the footing, the DynaPier system is installed beneath the footing, transferring the weight of the structural load directly on top of the pier. This means the DynaPier system achieves the greatest depth while providing the greatest support.

Slab Repair with a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

We are so confident our DynaPier system will be the last concrete slab repair you will ever need, we offer a lifetime transferrable warranty. That means that if you ever move out of your home, the warranty still stands for the next owner. If the house is standing, the foundation is guaranteed.

Putting Off Slab Repair Can Cost You More

Many times, homeowners can save a significant amount of money by being proactive. At the first signs of cracks, give PierMagic® Foundation Specialists a call to set up a free inspection. Often we can recommend preventative measures you can take that might save you from having to have repair work performed. There are many pier systems to choose from, but our DynaPier system is designed to be the most effective and strongest foundation pier system available. Go with the best – DynaPier.

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