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Sump Pump Installation

Many basements are constructed without a sump pump. The basements without sump pumps rely solely on a drain tile system to eliminate water from around the basement. Eventually the drain tile systems clog and fail. Leaving water trapped around your foundation.

What Causes Basement and Foundation Problems?

Many basement slabs are poured on top of a gravel layer that holds waterSump Pump Installed. that will eventually be absorbed by expansive clays and creating a heave situation. Heaving can be as structurally damaging as any foundation problem with no simple solution. Water and expansive clay soils are the biggest threat to basements and foundations. There is not much that can be done about the expansive soils that surround your home. There are several things that can be done to manage the water, thus rendering the soil much more stabile. Set up an appointment for PierMagic Foundation Specialists to advise you as to whether a sump pump could aid you in this effort and preventing water damage to your home.

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