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Home Wall Anchoring Services

Bowing walls can cause serious structural damage to your home. When a wall bows inward, the structure is supported less by the foundation. "I" beam wall braces and tie back wall anchors are two methods to deal with bowing walls. "I" beam braces, along with water management on the outer side of the wall, are a very effective means of stabilizing the wall when it has undergone a minimal amount of inward movement. This is a way of reinforcing the wall against the pressures being exerted on the wall. When a wall has moved inward to the point of needing to be straightened, tie back wall anchors are ideal. Our approach is to attack the source of the problem, the soil and water. We excavate the wall to the footing, haul the soils away, install tie back wall anchors and straighten the wall, waterproof the wall, install a new filtered drain tile, and backfill 90% of the trench with washed gravel and 10% soil for vegetation and land scraping. This approach puts the foundation back under the structure it was meant to support, manages water near the foundation, and reduces the pressure on the wall.

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