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Water Management Services & Consultation

Sometimes a little water in the basement does not warrant a full waterproofing approach. A new footing drain can be installed in the interior of the basement, eliminating the need for excavation. Approximately 12″ of the slab next to the basement wall is removed and a new drain system is installed either on top of or beside the footing and the concrete slab is replaced. This system is tied to a sump pump to take the water away.

For water that might be entering through the wall, a textured sheeting can be applied to the wall that ties into the new footing drain. This allows water that comes through the wall to be fed into the footing drain. This approach is more economical than waterproofing, however, it doesn’t yield all of the same benefits and is not always practical for finished basements. Call us to set an appointment, and we will be happy to advise you on the best approach for your basement.

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