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About Us

At PierMagic®, we are experts in foundation repair. We specialize in pier installation to correct foundation settlement, waterproofing leaking basements, straightening or stabilizing bowing walls and correcting poor drainage. Foundation problems can be one of the most unsettling experiences a homeowner may ever have to endure. Unfortunately, many times the repair process can be equally unsettling. PierMagic® is a group of innovative professionals who share a passion for foundation repair. It is this passion that drives us to make your foundation repair experience as pleasant as possible, while restoring your peace of mind.

Our Background

PierMagic Foundation Specialists Working

Established in 2007, our staff is made up of carefully selected personnel, with years of experience correcting foundation problems. Most foundation issues result from the interaction of water and expansive soils around your home’s foundation. Our background in soil mechanics helps us provide the most appropriate remedy and/or preventative actions for any foundation issue.

Foundation Repair

We do all excavations by hand rather than using invasive excavating equipment. This approach allows us to minimize disturbance to things such as landscaping, decks and fences. It is our goal to not only make sure that we deliver the best repairs, but to also focus on the little details. Most times it is the small things that leave a homeowner dissatisfied with a home improvement contractor. We know that it is the small details by which we will be judged. It is important to us to be on time, determine the appropriate repair plan and evaluate any viable options. We educate and set expectations realistically, maintain a safe clean job site, and leave your home as we found it.

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